Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Week 28- but who's counting

Hi family,
It sounds like everyone is working hard and getting ready for school! I'm sad to hear about Joy. I didn't spend much time with her the last four years or so but she was a wonderful dog and I'm sure you'll all miss her. We had an investigator recently who asked us about what happens when dogs die. We speculated together about the celestial kingdom and she said of course dogs go there because they have such good hearts. I bet Joy and Penny are having a ball up in heaven barking at the neighbors.
Missionary work has been really slow this week because all our investigators are so busy with the summer break...The Japanese people work SO hard, I'm telling you. Working too many hours is probably the #1 reason we don't meet with investigators for a long time in between visits. That's why having laptops in the mission is such a blessing because we can email them any time with scriptures and encouragement. I feel like I've written this all before! The exciting stuff makes it into my comic journal so sometimes my emails get a little dry, sorry about that.
Next week is transfers again already! Most of the ward members think I'll stay in Matsudo another six weeks but I'm not sure. I love our investigators and the ward members and I have a great missionary for a companion, but going to a new place woud be fun too. We'll see!
Here's a gem of humour from Mano Shimai: "Ever ytime a missionary knocks on a door in Japan, someone gets baptized in Mexico." It would be more funny if it wasn't so true! The work is slower here in Asia than all you Spanish-speaking RMs experienced, but I feel like Alma from the Book of Mormon: every soul is precious. We work really hard to find the elect, prepare them to make covenants with God, and help them stay active in the church all of their lives. The active members in Japan are SO strong, and you can see such a difference between their families and nonmembers. There really is a light in the countenance of disciples of Christ.
Thank you all for your emails and support and prayers! I'm convinced that the reason I haven't had a serious bike accident yet like all the other missionaries is because of you faithful people keeping me safe through prayer. Thank you!
Love you lots,
Long Shimai

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