Monday, October 15, 2012

Brittany's birthday in Japan

Dear Family,
I have like no time to write today (sorry again!) but I hope everyone watched all the sessions of conference last weekend! (In Japan they weren't broadcast until this past weekend.) Our leaders are so inspired. The main message I took away was that the most meaningful, happy life we can live is one filled with loving service to our families and our fellow man. "What would Jesus do?" isn't just a trite slogan; it's a way of living!
The other message I wanted to for sure was from President Uchtdorf---not from Conference but from the October 2012 Liahona. It's called "One Key to a Happy Family," and it's main point is that happy families are families who learn to forgive, overlook faults, and see the good in others. This applies to families, missionary companions, coworkers, fellow ward members, anyone. The most successful relationships are based on forgiveness as we follow the example of Christ who patiently forgives us for everything. Read the whole article here! 
I LOVE my new area and am completely obsessed with it. Being six months in Japan, having a birthday, and transferring have all made a huge difference in my attitude. I feel so much more love for the people and want nothing more than to talk to everyone and try to help them see how the gospel of Jesus Christ can improve their lives in every way.
The church is true and I love you guys! Enjoy my journal pages C:
Ai shite iru yo,
Long Shimai

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