Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in Japan!

My first Christmas away from home was so strange! We had a lot of fun though. After coming home from the all-day mission conference, we consolidated the MASSIVE piles of treats the four of us got from our wards, ate a simple dinner, and planned for the next day like we always do. Christmas morning we got up at 6:30 and excercised like usual (well, I guess I'm the only one who actually excercises) and then opened the few presents we got from our families! Except Nagamine Shimai---she's from Okinawa, and because shipping inside of Japan is relatively cheap she got four ENORMOUS boxes full of goodies from her home ward. We had a lot of fun watching her open them! Then Sister Facer and I went off into town to get some missionary work done before spending the rest of p-day at home doing laundry and cleaning and normal stuff. Later tonight we're having Christmas dinner with the elders and some young adults in the ward so I'm sure I'll tell you all about that tomorrow.
Thank you for the Christmas packages, family! I got very lovely warm tights from Grandma Lenna and the aunts, and then I got my sketchbooks (and candy) from you guys! Thank you so much for sending those! Hopefully they'll last until the end of my mission because I've fit 3-4 months in each sketchbook so far. Trina said she sent a package so I'm still waiting on that one, but send a huge thank you to all the family at home praying for me and supporting me! You guys are the best!
I'll talk to you tomorrow, probably closer to 5 or 5:30pm so we can make our afternoon lesson in time. Make sure you to think of some questions to ask about Tokyo!
Love you,

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