Thursday, August 8, 2013

July 22, 2013

Hi family!
I couldn't believe the emails about all my little family world travelers. Sounds fun! Mum, I'm glad you finally got to go to South America on a medical trip! I hope you and Dad are getting ready to be mission presidents down there soon C:
Missionary work in Oyama is about the same as last week. We spend a lot of time hunting down and trying to teach people the ward recommends to us. This ward definitely has the most "dendo fire" (desire to do missionary work) of anywhere I've been. They love reaching out to strengthen and rescue. I feel like our time is being used well by the members instead of wandering streets and knocking on doors where nobody's home (most people work in Tokyo during the day). Today a member used us as helpers for a mom-and-kids craft activity, and we found five moms interested in free summer break English class. They talked to us a lot about what we do as volunteer missionaries, and they were really impressed. Once we start meeting, we'll have plenty of opportunities to soften their hearts and teach them about eternal families. On a "normal" dendo day, it might take five hours to get that many positive response contacts. I love member work!
My little companion is adorable, as always! I really enjoy working with her. The only downside is sometimes she's such a good missionary that she makes it easy for me to be lazy! But I always remember that we're companions for a reason, and both of our talents are needed, and I'm kept on my toes constantly learning from her.
I've got one item of business for you (well, okay, probably just for Mum and Dad). I got my flight itinterary this week (you've probably had it for months though) and it looks like I'll be in Vegas on August 9th (Friday) around 3:00pm. SO I'd like to request that you schedule my Stake President's interview that same day or the next if you can. Please!
As always, thank you for your prayers and love! I appreciate the time you take to write me and I love hearing from you. Take care this week and make good choices! Love you!
Long Shimai

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