Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1st addendum note from Brittany

I forgot to write this in my big email, but the third photo was of the "Thank You" cards I make for Matsudo Ward members. Even though I can't speak much Japanese yet, I still want to let them know I love them, so my specialty has become hand-made thanks cards. I make variations of the panda one most often but I do other things too. People really appreciate handmade cards---I've seen more than one taped to a fridge when we've visited their house later! Plus I get to use my talents for good. It's the best!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy some more of my journal! Thank you very much for your support and encouragement as I plug away at these! It occured to me this week that in the two minutes or so it takes you guys to read one page, I've not only lived that entire day but I've spent another hour or two writing and drawing about it. Puts it into perspective for me, I guess; five months doesn't seem like a lot until I go back and see I've got an entire sketchbook and a half of days. I'm really excited to share it all when I get back. (Matter of fact, on my absolute worst days, that's one of the reasons that keeps me from going home---who wants to publish a book of a missionary who wimped out?)
Love you, miss you!
Long Shimai

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