Monday, July 30, 2012

Letter July 30, 2012

Hi family! Sounds like you're busy as ever. So are WE! Mano Shimai is always pushing our companionship to go faster, talk to more people, and work harder. It wears me out, but I'm glad to have a companion who senses the urgency of the work. She is so great with members and we've started doing all sorts of fun sister missionary things like delivering cards and cupcakes and flowers to leaders in the ward. Working with church members is her favourite type of work, and I can see why; it's the most effective. Did I ever tell you that statistic? About 1 out of every 4000 people contacted on the street will be baptized, but if a person is introduced to the church by a friend chances are 1 in 8. Wow!
This week wasn't too exciting (other than what you'll see in my journal pages later) so I'll talk to you about FOOD (again)! I always get a kick out of Japanese grocery stores. They are NOTHING like that international market we go to in Las Vegas. The place is absolutely slick and clean, everything is colourful and organized, the staff all wear adorable uniforms, and there's cheerful European music playing in the background. The only thing to disrupt the serenity of the shopping experience is that every few feet there are tv screens advertising products or showing recipes in typical enthusiastic Japanese style. Food in general is more expensive in Japan, especially fruit, but it feels good every now and then to splurge on yellow kiwis (I don't think they have these in America) or green beans. One of these days I'll have to go into a supermarket and just take photos of everything for you!
Sorry this email is a bit short for now, but I'm sure you're getting plenty of MTC stories from Tanner. Wait until he sees what missionary life is REALLY like! It's going to be SO different from Japanese work, that's for sure.
Well, I love you all! Take care!
Long Shimai

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