Monday, November 26, 2012

Nov. 26, 2012

Hi family!
I'm glad you all had a fun cruise! Looking at all those photos was torture! I'm glad you still got to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at home. Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays, so I missed having all the family around! We still got a lovely dinner though; a half-American family here invited us and eight other missionaries over. We had all the traditional foods (minus my favourite green bean casserole) and had a really great time.
In my president's letter this week I talked a little about the cool teaching experiences we've been having, so I thought I'd share with you:
We had a great week! We received a referral from a member and were able to teach together today! I really had my testimony strengthened of how powerful member missionary work is. The girl we taught was able to have a friend she trusted teach and bear testimony of why the gospel is important in every day life. She wants to get baptized, and we may have to refer her to another area, but she is so prepared! She accepted Joseph Smith's testimony right away and is so excited to learn more. Christmas miracle!
Another miracle we had was yesterday we met someone on the street while biking, and she said she didn't believe in God, but when we talked about our church she thought it was really unique among Christian churches and decided to come. And she did! She didn't show up until Relief Society, but it was a great lesson and she wants to meet again.
Lately I'm learning about how important the unique message of the Restoration is. We just started teaching a Christian obachan (grandma) every Sunday night about the Book of Mormon, and she thought it was just okay---she said she'd heard Jesus' teachings many times before so it was nothing new. BUT we taught her tonight about how our message is special; the Book of Mormon is evidence of the Restoration of Christ's only perfect church. She was really impressed by that and promised to read and pray to know if what we teach is true.
We're working hard to strengthen our investigators' faith in Christ. Already the gospel is changing their lives! We'll keep working diligently to be part of the Christmas miracle!
Even though the Nihonjin aren't Christian, Christmas is still a huge deal in this country because of all the commerical possibilities! All the stores are decked out and it's a really fun atmosphere. BUT of course Christmas is all about the Saviour. As a mission, we want it to be a white Christmas; we want to see as many people as possible in baptismal and temple clothes, so we're working hard. All the missionaries watched the video below and are working on what we want to give the Saviour for Christmas. It's helping us strengthen our faith and be more dedicated to the work.
I want you all to watch it too and do the same thing. The Saviour did everything for you. What can you give to Him?
I love you all! You're the best! Have a great week!
Long Shimai

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