Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November in Japan

Hi family!
Japan is really cooling down! It's not too bad during the day but when the sun goes down it's FREEZING! I've whipped out my gloves, tights, scarves, and winter coat. Bring it on, Tokyo!
This week was way fun; we got to switch companions twice in just a few days because of scheduling, and I sure learned a lot. Lately I've been feeling so much love for these people, but I realize it's much more powerful when I actually SHOW that love! I visited less-active members and former investigators with two sisters who were totally sweet, gave compliments like candy, and wouldn't leave without a hug. The people we visited completely melted and there was such a good spirit. When was the last time you showed love to people you love?
Thank you for all the fun photos you guys! I'm so proud of everybody for working hard and sharing the gospel, especially Brad! You're awesome!
This week we met a really cool high school exchange student from Germany who came to church with us. She's full-blood Polish but grew up in Germany and her English and Japanese are both great. I told her I had a cousin in Germany right now and she was excited, but then I was embarassed because I had no idea where Julianne is studying! I get updates from Grandma's letters sometimes. Anyway, meeting this student was just a really cool experience. She goes back to Germany soon but we'll get to refer her to the missionaries in her home town. How cool is that? Sometimes I forget that Christ's church is worldwide! I love opening the Liahona (or Ensign) and reading all the languages it's printed it (on the inside front cover). God really does love all His children, and we're spreading the gospel a little at a time. Sometimes it's easy to get frustrated that the work isn't going as fast as we want, but we have to remember Heavenly Father has His own timing and we're just His helpers. He knows what He's doing!
Lastly---I've been forgetting to write this the past two weeks, but: I have a little less than a month in my current sketchbook and would like a new one. Are you able to send me one through Amazon yet or do you still have to buy it and ship it yourself? I hate to bug you, but I've kept looking around here and amazingly can't find one similar here. If you don't have the picture I sent last time, it's a Canson XL Mix Media (light blue cover) 7 by 10 inches, 60 pages, 98LB. I hope you're all enjoying my journal pages...anything you're wanting to see?
This next transfer is going to be exciting. Japan doesn't have Thanksgiving, so it's going to be CHRISTMAS for the next six weeks! For missionary work here, it's the best. "Christmas is coming up soon. Do you know why we celebrate Christmas? You don't? It's Jesus Christ's birthday!" Anything to get conversations started.
Anyway, I love you all! Thank you for writing to me! This gospel is one of hope, peace, and love---those are the best things we can experience in this life, and the only way to find peace that continues is through the Savior. Thank you for your testimonies and support! You're the best!
Long Shimai

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