Sunday, March 31, 2013

3/19/13 Letter

Faaaaaaaamily hello! Thank you for all the fun emails! It sounds like you're having lots of fun! You know what, so am I. Well, today was hectic because we had our bi-monthly mommy-and-me English class (and you all remember how much I love babies), but then we got to go shoe shopping so that was good therapy. :D
We had another great week of missionary work in Kichijoji! Um...yeah, you can read about it in my journal coming up, but know that weather's been gorgeous, people have been hilarious, and I'm learning so much about the Spirit and service and touching people's hearts. We've had such a great transfer and been able to help so many Nihonjin. President hinted that I'm transferring out of Kichijoji next month, so I'm preparing Sister Grosland to take over and it's kind of bittersweet. I've seen so much growth since I came here back in October, but there are also a lot of people whose progress I won't get to see after I leave and that's a bummer. Grosland Shimai tells me one of the hardest things about missionary work is that you get to see a lot of beginnings of stories but not many endings. It's so true. We have no idea what will come of talking to people every day, teaching them English, helping them pray---we can just trust in God's plan for them and work our hardest. I feel so privileged to be a missionary right now! It's the best. I can't say it very eloquently, but yes. Missionary work is the best.
Sorry I don't have much longer of an email this week, but I hope you're all getting excited for General Conference in a few weeks! Every six months I take a while to ponder things I'm struggling with/wondering about, write them in my journal, and listen to Conference for the answers. I LOVE hearing the prophet and apostles speak directly from the Lord. My companion and I listen to old conference talks every morning and it has really strengthened my testimony in their authority and in their love for us. I hope you all take the challenge to "test" Conference and see what it can do for you!
I love you all the time!
Long Shimai

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