Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Brittany is transferred back with Wylie Shimai!

Hi family!
Sorry I missed the normal email day this week! I hope you worried a little (but not too much).
Quickly, here's the big news: I got transferred out of Kichijoji into a gigantic area called KIRYU. It's out in the countryside and there weren't any missionaries here for about two transfers, so when we got here we had no phone, computer, bikes, luggage, or food! Luckily the members took care of us and our electronics came today so I'm able to mail you a quick note until next P-Day. It's a huge change from being in the big city and I'm still adjusting, but it's the end of cherry blossom season and very gorgeous.
But the biggest news of all is my new WYLIE SHIMAI! Our mission president put us back together to open the new area, and we are having SO much fun! We both expected to train new sisters, but instead we got to come out to a struggling area together so we know the Lord has a work for us to do.
I love you all and will talk to you again soon!
Air kisses from Kiryu,
Long Shimai

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