Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013 Letter From Britt!

Hi family! Thank you for all your fun emails and photos this week! It was especially fun to see Elder Stephen. I'll send him a letter soon, so hopefully it will get to him while he's still in the MTC! And I'm really looking forward to all those photos of ITALY! You must have had a blast!
This email has to be really short because we have to dash to a lesson at the church (we spent too much time picnic-ing and playing today), but Wylie Shimai and I had another great week in Kiryu! Send up your prayers for Ogiwara-san who is supposed to get baptized next Sunday (after only a month! Can you believe that?) and for us in general to strengthen this area. We've been seeing so much success and it's amazing! The Lord knew what He was doing when He let me have Wylie Shimai back (I didn't learn enough from her the first time). We're just terrified for next transfer when we'll probably be split up and training two or three new sisters each...Yikes.
I wrote Dad about the Mother's Day call, but I still don't know for sure when it will be so I'll email again next week with specifics. I'm excited to talk to everybody! Especially my dear SISTERS who haven't written me in forever! You should be more like Tyler, who writes me hilarious emails every single week about crazy stuff he's doing, like going to steampunk festivals. Oh, the things I'm missing.
This week I read in the Liahona about reviewing General Conference talks every week in family home evening. I thought that was a great idea! The families I read about didn't just re-read the talk, they discussed its principles and how they could apply it in their own home. That's not much of a spiritual message for you, but please make family home evening a priority! Like all the general authorities said this month, Satan is attacking families, and we have to build our defenses from the inside out. GOOOOOOO FAMILY!
I love you guys! Keep smiling and have lots of fun!
Long Shimai

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