Monday, June 24, 2013

Brittany's last transfer

Hi family! Happy Monday!
Thank you for the fun emails, photos, and Sacrament meeting talks from last week! I'm still waiting on Dad's and Bridgie's. My companions and I had a chuckle reading Mum's because her perspective is so interesting, and when I was reading Benjamin's it sounded exactly like the way I teach lessons in Japanese! It was all really fun and I miss you guys!
The news is that I'm getting transferred one area over to re-open a place called Oyama. It's a bit bigger than Kiryu, and I've heard great things about the ward. I will be training a new missionary again, another Japanese sister! I haven't met her yet, but President read me her profile and said in her photo she's got huge smile and sounds great. I'm excited! Of course I'll let you know more next week when I'm settled in my new area (I'm in Kiryu now and won't actually get to Oyama until Wednesday night), but first some final words about Kiryu!
I LOVE Kiryu! I'm sad I don't get to finish my mission in this area because it has been such a special little place. I learned so much from all the people here and made lifelong friends. During my ninth transfer I feel like I accomplished more work than I ever did as a missionary, and during my tenth transfer I think I grew personally more than ever. I am sad to leave my green hills and church-building-that-used-to-be-a-factory and all thirty of the quirky personalities in the ward. I'm sure I'll get to come back before long, but leaving a place before you're ready is always tough!
I never feel like writing much in these emails because I spend so much time on my journal, but know that I love you all and will work my tail off for the next couple weeks! No summer vacation for busy missionaries C: I hope you're all having fun and doing lots of fun activities! You're the best!
Short but sweet,
Long Shimai

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